Comments and feedback

Welcome to the virtual comments book and Chat Room for the Magdalen and St Augustine streets Celebration.

We want to get you chatting! Please feel free to leave us a note here if you have got any suggestions or feedback about the event, or any comments and ideas about our beloved streets. What was your favorite MAC event last year? What is your best place to eat out in the area?  The shop you always go to ? What would you do if you could renew the area under the Flyover?  Or anything you would like to see happen at next year's celebration? We would love to ear any thoughts, ideas, comments and feedback from you, fellow Magdalenstreeters and fans of the area.


  1. I love the celebration. This year we are having loads of yellow flags with black hands on to help you find your way to the venues. let me know if it worked!

  2. Hi, my son busks around Norwich. Do you need more buskers on the street at the festival?

  3. Hi, I like the look of your programme, but I don't know where some of the locations are. The programme mentions a map, but I can't seem to find it. Can you help, please?