Thursday, 2 September 2010

Latest Happenings!

There will be a fuller report on this tomorrow (Friday 2nd Sept). For now, here's the draft 'press release' which hopefully gives you a flavour of what's going on (click on the image here and a bigger readable version should come up). There's is tons of stuff happening behind the scenes and loads of energy going into this from lots of folks from around the area - the buzz is getting quite intense although we realise there hasn't been enough publicity out there yet with all the traders, and we haven't got to speak to everyone about it in person, even though there were the best laid plans and intentions to do so, we simply didn't have enough people on the case but that seems to be changing! A new poster will be getting sorted this week also and hopefully be out there on the street next week.

There's also new meeting dates for anyone wanting to get involved in organising the big day - Wednesdays 8th, 22nd and 29th of September at Aladdins, the new café opposite the big Oxfam and Out of Time Records. See you there!

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