Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cafe Conversations June & July 2011

Commute, Work, Commute, Sleep... What is Work/Life Balance?

What is the relationship between 'work' and 'life'?  Does a 'work/life balance' suggest that when we're working we're not really living?  Is work simply the means by which we acquire resources to keep us alive? We’ll discuss these questions and the ways in which people thought differently about the relationship between work and life in the past.

Ross Wilson

School of Literature and Creative Writing
 1 June
introduction to translation

What is involved in translating a piece of writing from one language to another?  After a general background to what translation is, we will practice a short translation/adaptation exercise together, either into another language or from English to English.

BJ Epstein

School of Literature & Creative Writing
4 June
3 pm
Bioplastics:  Waste product or gold mine?

The food and drink industry generates 12.6 million tonnes of waste per year, more than 10% of UK’s total.  Can food waste be used to make ‘bioplastics’ for packaging and other sustainable materials?  [To be confirmed – please check website before coming]

Dominique Georget

School of Chemistry
17 June
8 pm

Imagining Justice: what are war crime trials for?

Looking at the examples of the Nuremberg Trial and the Eichmann Trial, this session will ask what kind of justice war crime trials can actually represent. Do they demonstrate the power of the law to legislate against genocide violence or are they merely victor's justice? Are trials the right way for a nation to come to terms with atrocity in the first place? What kind of justice do we need to imagine in an atrocious age?

Lyndsey Stonebridge

Literature and Creative Writing
22 June
12.30 pm

Opposition to changes to the NHS in the Health and Social Care Bill currently going through Parliament has been so widespread that the Secretary of State for Health has had to call a pause. Why has this Bill aroused so much criticism and what does it mean for the NHS? Norfolk Keep our NHS Public is a newly formed branch of the national pressure group KONP, committed to campaigning with other organisations to defeat the Bill.

Jan Ainsley

Keep Our NHS Public
25 June
3 pm

cAN WE Control our brain activity?

New evidence suggests that we can use biofeedback methods to control and change our brain activity. The equipment used is becoming more accessible, but  is it usefu? Could we use it to maximise our cognitive performance or help us to relax? Can it also be used as a treatment method? How would this change our view of ourselves?

Neil Rutterford 

Social Work & Psychology
 13 July 12.30
The Mysteries of Bread

Why can’t we make good gluten-free bread? What happens when you knead bread - why does the dough stiffen up and why is air so important? Humans have been making bread for about 5000 years, but only recently has science begun to explain its mysteries and in doing so discovered some of the weirdest proteins known. This conversation may not make you a better cook but you will never look at a loaf in the same way again.

Peter Belton

School of Chemistry
20 July
12.30 Cafe conversations will continue in september 2011

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