Thursday, 22 September 2011


We are proud to announce a brand new film commissioned for the 2011 Magdalen Street Celebration!

The work of local artists, R J Hinrichsen and Mark Wilsher, MagdalenStreeteertSneladgaM reveals a snapshot of life on our favourite Street. Shot simultaneously from both ends of the street the film adds a new dimension to the linear view we often have of our environment.

Catch it now at:
Anteros Arts Foundation
7-15 Fye Bridge Street (at the South end of Magdalen Street)
Norwich NR3 1LJ

"...Tension mounts as the two cameras gradually approach and briefly catch sight of each other near Anglia Square. A group of people is caught from two sides at once. The cameras pass by and keep on walking to the end of the street.

This film is entirely made up of small incidental details — two women with a barking dog, a man with a walking stick meeting a friend, cars and buses pass, and a ghostly figure waves to camera on both films.

This is an absolutely typical afternoon on Magdalen Street."

Artist Info:
R J Hinrichsen works with film, sound and installation. Mark Wilsher works with installation, text and live performance. Graduates of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, both artists live near Magdalen Street.

SemiFormalDiscussion | Mark Wilsher

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