Monday, 11 October 2010

A Musical Review

Local musician, Heather Enid Wells, was one of the many visitors who ventured down to Magdalen Street two Saturdays ago for our debut celebration and it seems she had a thoroughly enjoyable time!

Heather writes: "I had a fantastic day out yesterday at the Magdalen Street Celebration, some great music on the various stages indoors and out, I bought and enjoyed some Mexican food from a stall in the Square, where there were lots of arts & crafts stalls, others for various organizations such as the Surrey Chapel, the Green Gym, the Drop-In Centre, and loads of other attractions ... there were thousands of people all enjoying the day. And the weather was perfect!

I went on the Magical History Tour, which was just amazing. I often walk up and down Magdalen Street, probably four or five times a week, yet we were shown so much that I'd never even noticed before, a great big studded oak door, all the Georgian buildings and who built them and who owned them, coats of arms and other markings and what they all meant, it was excellent!

The Gate Stage was in St Saviour's Church, where I spent a lot of time yesterday, saw virtuoso guitarist-songwriter Tom Conway there; a jazz band WSM-Trio who are normally a quartet but their bass couldn't make it; a brilliant guitar and cello duo James Frost and John Mudd played a beautiful set; and medieval duo Pearl in the Egg were just wonderful, Liz played lap-harp, rebec, various whistles and flutes, tambour and other percussion, Karen played the psaltery too, and both of them sang. They also looked great in their mediaeval dress. They play lots of prestigious gigs like Hampton Court Palace, but Liz also plays bass in the Pavilion Big Band, where I sometimes stand in for her. She also used to play with rock band Cortez, they were a good band, now sadly defunct.

Another good act, this time on the Flyover Stage, was Tom Foxe, he sang a hilarious song by Hayes Carll, "She Left Me for Jesus" ... He put it across very well. The Flyover Stage was great, as they had a bike hooked up to a generator to power all the amplification, and some other very good artistes. Then there were bands most of the afternoon and evening in the Blueberry.

I understand it is hoped to make the Magdalen Street Celebration an annual event ... Certainly a great day out for all ages and a lovely atmosphere. The live music on the Gate Stage was very varied in genre, but mostly of the acoustic-style variety, just gently amplified, and the church was packed most of the time with a very attentive audience. It was great that they were all listening, even the little children (and a dog!) were quiet and well behaved in there."

Thanks Heather - so glad you enjoyed!

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