Monday, 4 October 2010

What a day... Even the sun came out!

Click on the image to see a bigger version - top left to right: Sheriff Derek James on walkabout with star Magdalen Street minstrel Rio Santana; Taiko drummers shake the flyover foundations and wake up the street; lively kletzmer & jazz trio Eastern Straynotes with amplification powered by Tom Foxe's Human Dynamo PA and that's Green City Councillor for Mancroft ward Adrian Holmes pedalling away there; bottom left to right: another human dynamo and MSC organiser Stefi getting everyone in the party mood; enchanting medieval musical duo Pearl in The Egg at the lovely St Saviours "The Gate" venue; children's music workshop at Aladdin's Café with the wonderful Musical Keys based on nearby Silver Road.

And the glorious sunshine happened and the crowds came out to see the stalls and exhibitions and hear the music and take part in the workshops and history tours, and all the rest... well done again all that took part in the adventure and thanks to everyone that came along on Saturday and making it such a fantastic day!

I've uploaded just a small batch of photos here of some of the things I managed to capture on the day. If you've got photos of the day then please please send them (or links) to us here [click to email] with any credits and we'll put an archive together. There's some lovely photos published in today's EDP too and a great spread in the Evening News. There's an online version here - less pics sadly but the same text.

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