Friday, 27 September 2013

Andy Kirkham Brings the Rhythms of the World to Norwich

Listening to the melodic strumming of local Norwich musician, Andy Kirkham, you could place yourself in the African hills gazing over the desert, or dancing in a hut with gypsies in the middle of a Latvian forest, on the beach in Barcelona, in a jazz club in New York or even in the Caribbean. He transports his audience to another time and another place through merely the sound of his fingers plucking at strings on guitar. And what a powerful guitar it is! His music has a sense of liveliness as he switches tones and rhythms. He fuses worldly music with classicality and experiments with style and genre.

His rich texture and eclectic variety of sound has captivated audiences for over 15 years. He plays at regular gigs and festivals either as a solo act or in collaboration with other artists such as in the
Eastern Straynotes (who play 30s jazz swing), Moxy Gerban (eastern European influenced band) and Jesse Barrett. Atop of all of this, he has found himself joyfully dedicated to writing music and arranging tunes whilst being a teacher.

His latest works and performances are heavily dominated by his intrigue with African music. He gathers inspiration from artists such as Ali Farka-Toure from Mali, Lyab Ogada from Kenya, amongst others. So expect to hear him singing in the songs’ influenced languages!

Andy’s work takes you on an adventure from the daily life on the cobbled streets of Norwich to anywhere you’d rather be by creating an atmosphere that is not only lively but harmonious. An absolute must see act!! 

To find out more about Andy's music click here.

Andy Kirkham will be playing as part of the Magdalen Augustine Celebration on 19th October at The Blueberry (20 Cowgate Norwich) from 1-1.45pm

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