Thursday, 3 October 2013

Jake Morrell

Who is Jake Morrell? Well, he’s the lead singer of a band of his name whose music so touching and catchy, you’ll be glad you caught them at Magdalen St. Celebrations. The band of four touches on a range of subjects from love and break ups to the past, memories and stories. 

Their music has a country/folk feel with hints of English pop such as Keane, Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale. The group of talented musicians tend to draw on life experiences. In some cases, the songs are beautifully uplifting and joyful; while the ballads are heartrending and passionate. For such a new band, it is impressive how sentimental these four guys are! 

This new band has certainly achieved a lot in a short space of time. This year they had a successful time performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they had a great experience in front of large crowds. They sold over 200 CDs and had a whole tone of fun! They’ve performed in bars across the country, released new videos, been on BBC Radio with Steven Bumfrey, were the support band for “Brand New Heavies’, amongst many other great accomplishments. You can't help but think where they're going next?!

Make sure to catch this lively band at Magdalen St. Celebrations!

Jake Morrell will be performing at the King of Hearts acoustic stage. To find out more about Jake Morrell, visit the website here

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