Monday, 1 October 2012

Celebrate Vintage

The Celebration is a great to chance to come and visit the city's vintage hot spot, with new shabby chic shops popping up week on week, charity shops galore and retro fashion almost spilling on to the pavements, it's a trendy-bargain-shopper's day dream.

Junk & Gems, a charming and creatively laid out treasure trove, has recently opened at the north end of the street ensuring that vintage pervades the strip from north to south: starting with Oxfam near Colegate, then packed-to-the-rafters and flea market ridden Looses, stuffed animals and glazed bugs opposite, Retreat Vintage, the new Aladdin's Cave near the flyer over, the gingham and picnic basket-ed windows of Shades of Pale and furniture shops you can skip in and out of right up to Junk & Gems you'll be hard pressed to take in the Big Doodle, dancing, music, pop-up performances, Tai chi, Americana Stage and heritage activities in between. Make sure you do though! It's gonna be a great day.

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