Monday, 15 October 2012

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for being part of such a wonderful day on Saturday; the organisers, the stewards, the local businesses, the performers, the workshops, the musicians the artsists and everyone who came down to share in the day.  It was a truly heart warming spectacle, celebrating the streets we love so well.

If you couldn't make it, read about it in the EDP by Emma Knights or Chris Hull. And to listen to A Gentleman's Walk, the fantastic podcast of the day.

Magdalen Street celebration.  Photo: Bill SmithAnam Cara belly dancers at the Magdalen Street celebration.  Photo: Bill SmithThe Norwich Taiko Drums at the Magdalen Street Celebration. Picture: Denise Bradley
Johnny Jump band playing at Anglia Square during the Magdalen Street celebration.  Photo: Bill Smith


  1. Well done, what a Fantastic event!
    Let's close the roads next year and make it like the Notting HIll Carnival.
    We are the 'Portobello' of Norwich!

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