Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bikes and Bagels and Cakes and Coffee, Oh My!

The Dandy Horse takes a whole new spin on the coffee experience. Not just for cycling enthusiasts, this relatively new cafe was opened in March this year by a couple who share a common love for cycling, coffee and great food!

The place itself has a workshop where a guy by the name of Spokes will fix your bike while you sip over T-Rex's, Spokes' partner, cup of home brew coffee or choose from a selection of freshly home made bagels, soups and cakes. Alternatively go upstairs where there is a large cinema screening room and couches with board games and books. The walls are decorated with cycling influenced arworks from local artists. The cafe also sells cycling influenced jewelry- necklaces and earrings made out of old bike chains. The couple are truly head over wheels about cycling!!

As a former event organiser, T-Rex has combined this work with her love of cycling. The Dandy Horse is host to a range of events from social rides, acoustic nights, rolla racing competitions and many other interesting activities.

The workshop is run by Spokes, who has over ten years experience in building and fixing bikes. He has worked in the cycling industry, fixed bikes in his garage, ran events at Dr.Bike and worked as an African partner liaison at Re-Cycle. I don't think there's a repair he couldn't fix!

So whether you're a cycling enthusiast, a coffee addict, a foodie or just keen to chill out on a sofa, make sure you say hey to this delightful duo (and the cute Nia, the cafe dog) during the festival! 

Check them out here

The Dandy Horse will be open from 10-5 on the day of the Festival offering bages, bike maintenance, films and even a bike raffle! 27 Magdalen St. Norwich.

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