Monday, 7 October 2013

Natalie Lake

This young and talented folk musician sure has a bright future ahead of her! At only 19, she's performed in the Cambridge Folk Festival and Latitude Festival, not to mention a heap of gigs around the Norwich area. At such a young age, she's furrowing a grand future for herself.

Her music is acoustic folk. On occasions it's soothing and melodic, and others it's the kind where you just can't stop your feet from dancing. It's reminiscent of 'Of Monsters and Men', 'Daughter', and 'Colbie Calliat'. She also has some great covers of songs by 'Florence and the Machine' amongst others.

Buying her first guitar at 13, Natalie has since gone on to buy electric, a ukulele and wants to get a banjo! She plays with the different instruments to get different feels for songs.

A hit not to miss at Magdalen St. Celebrations!

Natalie Lake will be performing at The Acoustic Stage

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